• Would you support a prisoner?
“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners…” (Hebrews 13:3)

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Success Story: Jack

I grew up doing sinful acts, having knowledge that when I go to church I am going to offload my sins and start a new one each and every week. That was my habit until I was arrested.

Testimony: Siyabonga Shezi, Sentence: 22 years

I was an individual who did not fear God and had no respect for others and was full of anger. I did give my life to Christ before being sentenced but I did not bear fruit for Him. Outwardly I appeared as a believer yet inwardly I was not walking in obedience to Christ.

Testimony: Nkosinathi Matake

Whether I am happy or sad, busy or quiet, well or ill, working or idle, angry or overflowing with joy — He is still with me. When I make mistakes or when I am successful, when I move forward or slip back, when I am on top of the world or my world is falling in all around me — He is still there in it. I don’t worry if there are spiritual things I have not yet mastered.

Success Story: Ravi

After having served 17 years for murder, of which six were on death row, Ravi, empty and depressed from drugs and gang life, surrendered to Jesus Christ. Ravi joined a Bible Study in the Sevontein Correctional Facility and soon found true fulfillment in serving Jesus and others in the prison. With drugs and gang life […]