Ravi (left) with Scott Wheeler at Sevontein Prison.

After having served 17 years for murder, of which six were on death row, Ravi, empty and depressed from drugs and gang life, surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Ravi joined a Bible Study in the Sevontein Correctional Facility and soon found true fulfillment in serving Jesus and others in the prison. With drugs and gang life behind him, Ravi threw himself into studying scripture and became a forceful witness for Jesus.
Everything changed for Ravi, he considered what he would do when paroled and so studied to be a teacher, then did a diploma in business management and is currently doing a theological diploma as he believes God has called him to ministry.

Ravi helped establish the ‘Sevontein Christian Fellowship’ in the prison, which is run by the offenders. Ravi encouraged members of the Church to study and prepare for life on the outside. He began a skills development programme for those who were not academic.

Ravi has since left Sevontein having served 24 years of a 36-year sentence and is on day parole in Pietermaritzburg New Prison awaiting his release date in April 2012.

The Church at Sevontein continues as others, trained by Ravi, have taken up the leadership and are mentoring the 100 Church members.

The skills development also continues under the leadership of the Church members. The Church has their own permanent facility complete with sound and music equipment as well as a dedicated carpentry shop and a skills development room where member’s are trained in home industries and leatherwork.

We continue to support the Sevontein Christian Fellowship and are training many more men like Ravi, we are trusting that Ravi will be able to join our prison ministry team full-time once he is released.